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Yamaha YTR-9335NYS III Xeno Artist New York Bb Trumpet

Yamaha YTR-9335NYS III Xeno Artist New York Bb Trumpet


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Introducing the third generation of the Xeno Artist Model "New York" series Bb and C trumpets. In collaboration with David Bilger, Principal Trumpet of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Yamaha trumpet designers scrutinized the redesign of parts and manufacturing down to the micron-level in order to ensure the highest levels of quality, craftsmanship and tone control for the performer that is striving for perfection.


  • The area where the bell meets the valves has been redesigned for optimum playing resistance and brilliant, distinctive tone. High note playability has been significantly improves as well. The bell has a bottom seam that results in ideal balance with the new thinner valve casing and pistons.
  • Utilizing a leadpipe that is thicker than current designs, an original style Malone Pipe™ (MB2), and a lighter mouthpiece receiver, we've achieved improved tone and response while providing the performer with an ideal blowing resistance.
  • Thinner valve casing and pistons, as well as the modified angle of the branch tube result in improved response and provide the performer with an ideal appropriate resistance.Modifications to the shapes of the piston button, top cap, and bottom cap, as well as production refinements, have made it possible to deliver a deeper tone while improving projection.
  • A conventional square crook is used (the Chicago model has a semi-square crook), while the main tuning brace has been extended and made heavier to achieve blowing resistance and vivid tonality that add up to brilliant presence in orchestral settings.
  • The weight distribution of the water key arm and bridle has been revised for more playing versatility and easier access to the high notes.
  • The shape and position of the bell braces has been modified to achieve better weight balance that results in speedier response and livelier tone with a solid tonal core.
  • The slide stopper is designed to prevent the trumpet slide from falling off. The slide stopper is made of silicone rubber, which will not harm the finish. Providing both strength and elasticity, it can remain attached to the instrument during performance.

Technical Specs

  • One piece, yellow brass bell
  • 4 7/8" bell diameter
  • ML .459 bore
  • Heavy weight
  • Silver-plated
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