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Yamaha French Horn YHR-671

Yamaha French Horn YHR-671


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Wrap Style and Bell

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An orthodox Geyer style wrap is used with a medium size bell and relatively thick rim wire. The tone is rich and deep with a solid core.


(The picture shows YHR-871D.)

A new leadpipe design in gold brass contributes to consistent tone and resistance throughout the instrument’s range.

Bore Size

This model features a 12.1 millimeter bore size that maximizes its performance potential.

Slide and Valve Casing

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The inner tubes of all tuning slides are made of gold brass to emphasize the horn’s tonal clarity and depth. The main tuning slide also has a rounded shape that provides ideal blowing resistance for this class of instrument. The valve casing is made of Nickel silver for enhanced response and durability.

4th Rotor

A hollow rotor makes notable contributions to response and tone.

Adjustable 4th Thumb Lever and Pinky Hook

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The 4th thumb lever and pinky hook can be adjusted for the most comfortable playing position.

Long Pull Ring

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The Bb 2nd valve slide features a long pull ring that adds to the instrument’s playing convenience.

Valve Caps and Bell Screw

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Engraved brass valve caps and Nickel silver at the bell screw enhance appearance, adding visual sophistication that is on a par with high-end models.

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