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Wise Grip

Wise Grip


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Wise Grip is a comfort accessory for trombone players, inspired by the elegant curved hand grip on vintage Williams trombones.  Now all trombone players can experience a new level of comfort, and longer and more relaxed practice and performance sessions — without having to jam their left hand into an un-natural 90-degree angle!

Designed for trombone players who are experiencing left-hand and arm fatigue from long hours of holding and playing the trombone.  

Wise Grip is designed to fit most large-bore tenor trombones and bass trombones (grips for medium and small bore instruments are in development, stay tuned).  It snaps easily and securely into place without any tools or adjusting.  

If you own a large bore tenor trombone or bass trombone made by a US manufacturer, or a boutique trombone made in Wisconsin or Massachusetts, Wise Grip will fit perfectly.  (the grip does not fit “narrow” Massachusetts and Wisconsin slides, but it is in the works).

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