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Variations of Joy (six movements), Dr. Daniel Thrower

Variations of Joy (six movements), Dr. Daniel Thrower


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Composed by Dr. Daniel Thrower. Duration: 8:00. The movement titles speak for themselves and are well labeled to present a string of life's joyful vignettes: I. Family Vacations, II. Jovial Banter, III. Holiday Foods, IV. Pets, V. Sharing God's Wonders, and VI. Personal Triumphs. Each variation is in a different key with a vastly different feel from any other, creating less conventional employment of the genre "theme and variations." The work is somewhat challenging and incredibly rewarding to pull off. Movement IV is particularly tricky with the usage of wah-wah mutes. Artfully constructed, this is a crucial addition to the brass quintet medium and should be found in every quintet library!

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