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UPDATED Bach Stradivarius 190 Model 43 Bb Trumpet

UPDATED Bach Stradivarius 190 Model 43 Bb Trumpet


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The most balanced medium-large bore #43-style bell taper within the Bach portfolio. The #43 bell has found its match with an improved #26 leadpipe to make it the most balanced 43 ever. The larger diameter bell allows for the professional to control and handle the horn at extremes which has never before been possible with the #43 bell.

Taking the most iconic features from our best vintages, including our Mount Vernon style bell construction, NY style cast nickel Z braces, and adding a modern and consistently precise leadpipe. Ultimately, our 19043 series creates the most even sound, fastest response, and focused sound at every dynamic level.

Bach’s Research & Development team examined the most famous horns in Bach’s history to identify the optimal weight, construction, material, and assembly of Bach’s valve cluster. As a result of our efforts, we have produced a newly designed valve cluster delivering a faster response and a more vibrant sound. Nothing beats the sound of Bach.

The 19043 is built on an ML .459" two-piece valve chassis with nickel balusters, nickel outer slides and brass valve guides. The 5" side-seam #43 bell with a round steel wire bell bead is paired with the never released original design of Vincent Bach, the #26 leadpipe. Bach’s notes state that the #26 leadpipe is a perfect match for the #43 bell. It provides the player with efficiency and responsiveness, both highlighting the inherent brilliance of the #43 bell while allowing the player access to extreme dynamic ranges and full palette of colors. The 5" bell diameter helps balance the brilliance of the #43 bell taper with breadth of sound. The clear lacquer finish provides a subtle warmth to the overall sound. Our artists find this instrument exceptional in every situation, from the Dave Matthews Band all the way to the brass quintet. The 19043 is an excellent choice for anybody looking for a broad and brilliant sound that projects and plays with ease.


  • 5", one-piece, side seam, Mt. Vernon weight #43 bell with a round steel wire bead in yellow brass
  • Wide wrap with nickel Z braces
  • #26 leadpipe – an original design of Vincent Bach, incredibly efficient and the “perfect match” for the #43 bell
  • .459" medium-large bore
  • New nickel finger hook design inspired by New York, Mt. Vernon, and Elkhart eras
  • 3rd slide rod
  • Laser engraved bell featuring Vincent Bach’s original signature
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