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TRADITION PLUS by MONETTE - Trumpet Mouthpiece

TRADITION PLUS by MONETTE - Trumpet Mouthpiece


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Tradition - Plus mouthpieces come in three sizes:

6 Comparable to a conventional 3C (and highly recommended for 5C and 7C players)

3 Comparable to a conventional 1 1/2C

2 Comparable to a conventional 1 1/4C (and highly recommended for 1 1/2 C players who might prefer a larger size mouthpiece if it was easier to play)

  • Extremely easy in the upper register! The difference is obvious in the first notes played!

  • More consistent and in-tune in all registers!

  • Improved clarity in sound and articulation in all registers and at all dynamics.

  • Faster and more secure response in all registers.

  • Very easy to acclimate to, even if you’ve never played any Monette mouthpiece before.

  • The best option for players who want to use one mouthpiece for Bb and C trumpet.

  • Easy to hear up close! The conventional weight and shape of the mouthpiece produces a sound placement that is similar to what players of conventional mouthpieces are used to.

  • They work great in sections with lightweight equipment!

  • Proven state-of-the-art Monette rim and cup designs.

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