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Soulo Trumpet Straight Mute - Aluminum

Soulo Trumpet Straight Mute - Aluminum


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The NEW All-Aluminum Trumpet Straight Mute, by Soulo combines the traditional Straight Mute tone with a patented aerodynamic design, improving upon typical issues found in other straight mutes.

The new shape allows the air to aerodynamically around the curvature of the mute, undisturbed by a crimped connection or any other air obstruction. On the inside, the air goes into a perfect hemisphere which produces a core sound that will impress your audience.

Soulo Mute uses the highest quality Aluminum alloy. Our Trumpet Straight Mute is extremely lightweight in comparison, due to its craftsmanship and when snuggly inserted in the trumpet bell, will never fall out due to its unique neoprene composite corks, which “lock” the mute inside the bell.

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