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Schilke SC4-MG Soloiste Series C Trumpet

Schilke SC4-MG Soloiste Series C Trumpet


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A design collaboration along with Schilke international artist Marc Geujon, these new orchestral series C trumpets are truly a first at Schilke Music. Like their Bb counterparts, almost every aspect of these trumpets have been created over the past year and a half. At the heart of the series, an all new valve casing was designed for a resonant, clear sound throughout its register. The SC4 leadpipe and bell have also been handcrafted to Marc’s exact specifications.

Building upon the success of the first Soloiste Series models, the SC4-OT offers new options for bell, main tuning slide and bracing design. These new design elements combine to provide a unique experience for the orchestral trumpet player.

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