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Schilke Soloiste Series SB4-OT Takahashi Bb Trumpet

Schilke Soloiste Series SB4-OT Takahashi Bb Trumpet


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Building upon the success of the first Soloiste Series models, the SB4-OT was developed working with Schilke Artist Osamu Takahashi. This model offers new options for bell, main tuning slide and bracing design. These new design elements combine to provide a unique experience for the orchestral trumpet player.

Standard Features

One-piece, Hand-Hammered Yellow Brass HD Bell
#3 Bell Taper
Square Main Tuning Slide w/ Brace
Medium weight w/ HD bell

SB4-OT Models

All Soloiste Series Bb Trumpets come standard with a hand-hammered yellow brass bell. Yellow brass bells are consistent in tonal color regardless of dynamics.

Silver Plate

SB4-OT-S – Yellow brass bell
SB4L-OT-S – Yellow brass tuning bell

Gold Plate

SB4-OT-GP – Yellow brass bell
SB4L-OT-GP – Yellow brass tuning bell


SB4-OT-L – Yellow brass bell
SB4L-OT-L – Yellow brass tuning bell

The Soloiste Series represent a bold new Schilke concept, with virtually every aspect of the instrument’s design the result of new innovations from our world class artisans in Chicago, USA. At the heart of the Soloiste Series is a new valve casing design which offers the musician unparalleled clarity and resonance. A new custom designed leadpipe provides an immediacy of response with a consistency of feel over the entirety of the instrument’s range. This series of Bb trumpets provides a rich & gorgeous core with the brilliance necessary to soar above the most grandiose of orchestras. And yet, these models transcend orchestral performance, excelling in solo and chamber venues. They truly live up to the name Soloiste!

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