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Pickett Standard Trumpet Mouthpiece Top

Pickett Standard Trumpet Mouthpiece Top


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All Pickett mouthpieces are designed and manufactured in-house ensuring superior and unsurpassed quality. Every mouthpiece, whether trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, or french horn is hand inspected for defects and polished with the utmost care to maintain the precision dimensions and tolerances. Pickett uses several state of the art CNC machines and skilled finishing to produce the world class quality trim sets in a variety of weights and appearances.

With design consulting by world class trumpeter Vince DiMartino our rims and cups offer optimum flexibility & consistent, precise articulations. Choose your own width, depth, and throat sizes.

Cup descriptions:

  • SO - Deep symphonic bowl cup.
  • A - Deepest V cup option.
  • B - Traditional American style cornet V cup
  • BC - Dropped down C bowl cup. Offers a slightly darker sound profile
  • C - Traditional medium C cup
  • CD - Slightly shallower C cup
  • D - Traditional medium shallow D cup
  • Vm - Similar to D cup, but in a V cup variation
  • DE- Slightly deeper version of our E cup
  • E - Traditional shallow E cup
  • Shv - Similar to E cup, but in a V cup variaiton
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