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Pickett Large Bore Tenor Trombone Lightweight Cup

Pickett Large Bore Tenor Trombone Lightweight Cup


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Our lightweight models are perfect for players looking for a more nimble and brilliant sound. These are available in the same sizes as the standard weight line.


The large bore tenor trombone models include:

  • 3     Our largest cup in our large bore line.  Very open and free blowing with dark tone concept.
  • 4     Very open and free-blowing. Great for orchestral 2nd part playing.
  • 5     This offers excellent core production and balance across all registers.
  • 5.5  Similar to the 5, the 5.5 features slightly smaller rim diameter for those looking for the added support.
  • 6     Provides a focused sound and a dense core. Excellent for players that prefer smaller equipment.

Each cup requires the respective diameter rim.


Each of these come in three different cup configurations:


  • D  Our deepest cup in our stock options, providing a very free-blowing experience.  The extra depth allows for a warmer and richer tone color in the low register, without sacrificing the upper register.
  • M  Our medium cup is the most popular model.  It is a middle of the road cup designed to appeal to a broad range of performance genres.
  • S  Our shallow cup provides more support in the middle and upper registers, adding some extra brilliance and efficiency.
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