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Monster Oil Synthetic Valve Oil

Monster Oil Synthetic Valve Oil


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What’s different about Monster Oil? Why you, and not [insert famous brand]’s lubricant? Tell me some sciencey stuff.

The element that fundamentally sets us apart is our base oil. It’s the cleanest synthetic on the market and has been used in the aerospace and automotive industries as well as NASA for many years. We spent the last twelve months working with our supplier to achieve the best “cocktail” of ingredients we could find. As professional trumpet players who play every single day, part of our research involved using and evaluating this oil every time we picked up our horns until we were confident that it was perfect.

What's your stuff made with?

Our oil is about as simple as valve oil gets. You know how some ice creams have seven thousand ingredients, and some have four - and you think "that second one seems better for me somehow"? We're the second one. Here's what's in it:

  • base oil (for the slipperiness)
  • solvent (to achieve the right viscosity and keep things clean)
  • copper passivator (to keep the corrosion away).

The trick was finding the proper amounts and types of these ingredients – which we finally did!

And if all that wasn’t enough: we are an all-American company – our oil, packaging, and Schwarzeneggeresque (it's a word, look it up) physiques are all made in the States.

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