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Monette Unity Trumpet Mouthpieces

Monette Unity Trumpet Mouthpieces


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Unity Standard Sizes

Descriptions by Monette Corp.


Unity Size

Unity B1-7



This all-new rim design was inspired by the original Monette rim contour first used by Wynton Marsalis and Charles Schlueter in the 1980s. The Unity B1-7 was developed for our own Jason Gunderson, who wanted a new B1-sized mouthpiece that would feel secure on the lips and provide extra-clean articulation, but without feeling harsh. The rim shape is not as round as the B1-1 or B1-3, and not as flat as the B1-2 and B1-4. We have all found that this new rim keeps the chops together without feeling constrained or inflexible. The new Unity B1-7 is the best 1C-equivalent mouthpiece we have ever played!


Unity B2

The Unity B2 was designed and refined over the last year for our dear friend Wynton Marsalis. The B2 has been one of our most popular sizes for three decades, ideal for all-around playing, small-group Jazz, and orchestral playing. This size is great for players who prefer something comparable to the 1-1/4C, and also for 1-1/2C players who would like a bigger sound without having to work any harder. With its all-new cup design, the Unity B2 takes our previous B2, B2S3 and B2S5 to a whole new level.


After developing the new B1-7, with its unique combination of excellent security, comfort, and flexibility, we were inspired to adapt this new rim contour to the extremely popular B2 size. We're excited to now have an additional B2 option for players who prefer a rim that feels more secure on the lips, without feeling harsh or inflexible. The B2-7 plays with all the same enhanced sound and response characteristics of the Unity B2 described above.

Ingrid Jensen and Charlie Porter both used our standard B2 rim for many years, and after only a few seconds playing the new B2-7, they both decided to switch to this new rim.


Unity B3

The Unity B3 is great for jazz playing, classical playing, and all-around use. This size is an excellent choice for players who prefer something just slightly larger than the Monette B6 or conventional 3C. With its new cup, backbore, and body, this new design is like a Prana B3 S3 on steroids.

(The B3 size has always been a slight anomaly in our sizing system, because it feels just slightly smaller than the B4 sizes.)

Unity B4S

For so many players, the B4S rim is the 'Goldilocks' size -- not too big and not too small. The B4S has been our most popular 1-1/2C equivalent size for all-around, jazz, and classical playing for many years. With its familiar and comfortable rim contour (originally modeled after the contour of Lew Soloff's favorite vintage mouthpiece) and its all new cup design, the Unity B4S is an enhanced version of our mainstay Prana B4S S2.


Unity B6

Along with the B2 and B4S, the B6 has long been our other most popular all-around mouthpiece size. This is the go-to size for all different kinds of players who are accustomed to  common sizes such as the 3C, 5C, 7C, 11B4, and even the 10-1/2C. The B6 size is popular with professionals, amateurs, students, commercial players, classical players, and every kind of player in between. This new Unity B6 is an immediate improvement over our Prana B6S1 and sure to be one of the most popular sizes in this new generation of Monette mouthpieces.


Unity B6M


This all-new size is a medium-deep version of the Unity B6, designed for players who want more depth and richness in their sound without moving to a larger rim size. And like all Unity mouthpieces, it plays with an effortless upper register and great efficiency, even with a slightly deeper cup. If you prefer this rim size but the B6 is too shallow or bright-sounding to suit your needs, the Unity B6M is a great choice.

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