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Lotus Gen. 3 Trumpet Mouthpiece w/M2 Cup

Lotus Gen. 3 Trumpet Mouthpiece w/M2 Cup


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What's new?

New Lotus golden coating. It is hypoallergenic, scratch resistant, and will not tarnish. The exact composition of the coating is a trade secret, but we guarantee the characteristics.


The following cup sizes come default with our new "Marathon Rim" shape: M2, S, XS and XS2. The "Marathon Rim" was designed by LOTUS Trumpets engineer Nicolò Perina to be as comfortable and forgiving as possible for high-note playing. Adam Rapa changed his 2M2 and 3S to this new rim shape within a few notes of trying the prototypes. He says it it by far the most comfortable rim shape he's ever felt.

Comparison info: (Available in rim sizes 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 11 in Nickel Silver)

1M2 = GR 67MS, Monette B1-L S1, Reeves 43.5M692, Schilke 17B3A, Yamaha 16D4A

2M2 = GR 3MS/66MS, Monette B4LD S1, Reeves 43M692, Schilke 14B3A, Yamaha 14B4

3M2 = GR 65MS, Monette B2L S3, Reeves 42M692, Schilke 13B3A, Yamaha 13B4A

7M2  = GR 64MS, Monette B7LD S2, Reeves 41M692, Schilke 11B3A, Yamaha 11B4

9M2 = GR 62MS, Reeves 40M692, Schilke 6B3A, Yamaha 8B4A

  • THROAT: M2 = 3.7mm (Between Bach #26-27) + Bach 76 Backbore (tighter)


Ideal for:

  • Lead players looking for a similar bright tone, “blow/feel”  bit with a less aggressive energy due to the deeper cup.  Horn section work as well.

  • For non-Lead players looking to greatly increase upper register access and a general vibe of “brighter and tighter” but cannot play on “shallow cups”.

  • 2nd book players in Big Band who need help keeping up with the Lead player on the Soli sections but still wants a full tone when stepping out for the solo feature spots.

  • For any piccolo trumpet with a stuffy or dull tone.

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