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Lotus Classic Model Bb Trumpet

Lotus Classic Model Bb Trumpet


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From the manufacturer:

Our 1st generation trumpets were developed with Andy Taylor & Matt Martin in England.  Early on, the horns were being handmade in Andy's shop, aside from our customized MAW valve block, produced by Meinlschmidt in Germany.
We're now making 2nd Generation LOTUS Trumpets, which are very different beasts. Working with companies across Europe that specialize in particular aspects of our operation brings us the highest quality products and services
Our glorious bells are now made by Bernd Sandner in Germany. We're also working with master machinist Marco Febbrari in Brescia, Italy for all our machined parts: leadpipes, receivers, braces, etc. Marco's machined parts have made a huge difference in how well our horns play, which is a very exciting upgrade. Our assembly is impeccably done by Mateusz Zeszut & Mikołaj Durka at ZM Concept in Poland. In the USA, our trumpets are assembled at Collins Music Center in Houston, Texas. Our extended team includes various European companies for services like scanning & 3D printing, and consultants such as renowned acoustic physicist, professor Gregor Widholm in Vienna. Meanwhile, Mark Schwartz, "accountant to the trumpet stars" lends his expertise to our financial and legal needs from the comfort of his home in Arizona.  
In the 21st century, geography is no barrier. Actually, the distance greatly improves our ability to assemble an all-star team. And our circle grows everyday with each new LOTUS owner or dealer who falls in love with our instruments, some of whom inevitably bring new ideas and requests; itches that we take pride in scratching for you.  



  • 37 inspired taper

  • Final Diameter: ​130mm (5.12")​

Bell material:

  • Yellow Brass one-piece

​This bell is inspired by the standard 37 shape used by many ​in the industry. We did the usual Lotus magic on the stem taper to improve sound quality and intonation and increase resonance.



  • Lightweight

  • Machined in Bronze


  • Lightweight

  • Machined in Brass

  • 0.6mm (.024") wall thickness

​We machine our own leadpipes to ensure accuracy of proper taper and wall thickness. This results in superior note targeting, accuracy and enriches your sound. 


Available with 3 Slide Options:

  • Yellow Brass

  • Phosphor Bronze

  • Nickel Silver 

​The tuning slide material greatly affects the sound and feel of the horn. This horn includes the Yellow Brass and Phosphor Bronze slides.


This horn includes light weight top caps, medium weight bottom caps, and an optional heavy weight cap for the 3rd valve.

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