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Larson ReesePiece RP-H Trumpet Mouthpiece in Silver

Larson ReesePiece RP-H Trumpet Mouthpiece in Silver


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The ReesePiece is the culmination of two years of research and development to create a
well-balanced, efficient mouthpiece to fulfill the needs of today’s classical trumpeter.

Many mouthpieces on the market today focus on one or two aspects of playing. The
ReesePiece has been optimized to address a wider range of playing challenges.

When you play a ReesePiece you will immediately notice that you love the sound
AND love the response AND love the articulation AND love the ease in which you command
all registers. This is truly the ultimate mouthpiece for the classical trumpeter.

The ReesePiece is conceptualized by Empire Brass trumpeter Marc Reese, designed by
master craftsman Ken Larson and manufactured by Mark Curry using precision Curry blanks.

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