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K&M Clarinet Stand, 5 Leg

K&M Clarinet Stand, 5 Leg


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The "In-Bell" clarinet stand is extremely small and compact. 5 stable die-cast feet ensure excellent stability and sturdiness. Thanks to the patented and easy to operate screw-in system the feet can be conveniently stored in the peg. The short peg completely fits into the bell of the clarinet making it easy for transport in all common instrument cases.

Innovative leader in stand technology; the clarinet stand is lightweight, compact and easy to use. Place it in the bell of the instrument for storage. Attach the folding 5-legs to the holder for a stable base while at rest or in-between music sets.
Protect what matters; a plastic peg tip and felt pad ring cushions the bottom of the bell helping the clarinet securely sit upright on the base. The entire unit can be stored in the bell and fits in the mold of your case. Suitable for A and B clarinets.
Trusted design; a zinc die-cast base provides a solid foundation for your clarinet (instrument not included). K&M stands are used by both professionals and beginners. This will be your go-to stand, providing many years of service.
Eco-friendly for over 70 years, K&M has achieved ISO-14001 environment certification and is committed to environmental impact, protection, and responsible resource consumption.
Reflecting our commitment to world-class construction, the Clarinet in-Bell Stand is made in Germany. Designed with exceptional standards, we offer a 5-year product warranty and 10-year on replacement parts availability.

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