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Hawkins Mutes Bb/C Trumpet Fixed Cup Mute

Hawkins Mutes Bb/C Trumpet Fixed Cup Mute


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Harking back to the traditional cup mutes of the mid-20th century but with a cool modern twist, this non-adjustable cup mute is the perfect complement to your mute line-up. The secure tuning across the range comes as standard, but with the added convenience of having the cup set in position, for speedy changes. Adjust the corks so the cup sits snug to the bell, then the sound becomes dark, round, and throaty – it’s a beauty!

Marc Geujon (Principal Trumpet – Opera National de Paris, Prof. Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris):
“Your mutes are really great! Straight and cup work well on my Bb. Intonation is good, and I like the sound of both.”

Paul Mayes (London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Opera House):
“The cup mute is great. Fits really well and has a lovely sound.”

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