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Greg Black 1 Piece Trumpet Mouthpiece Regular Weight

Greg Black 1 Piece Trumpet Mouthpiece Regular Weight


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Rim Size
Cup Shape
1-Piece Trumpet Mouthpieces are available in the following standard Rim sizes:

1 Rim Shape: Medium Wide  Cup Diameter: 17.3mm/.681"

1 1/4 Rim Shape: Medium Wide  Cup Diameter: 17.1mm  .673"

1 1/2 Rim Shape: Medium Wide  Cup Diameter: 16.9mm /.665"

Rim Shape: Medium Round  Cup Diameter: 16.7mm / .658" 

Rim Shape: Medium Wide  Cup Diameter: 16.5mm/.650"

5 Rim Shape: Medium Wide  Cup Diameter: 16.4mm/646"

Rim Shape: Medium Wide  Cup Diameter: 16.3mm/.642"

10 Rim Shape: Medium Wide Cup Diameter: 16mm/.630"

12 Rim Shape: Medium Wide  Cup Diameter: 15.5mm/.610"

1-Piece Trumpet Mouthpieces are available with the following standard Cups:

"S" Cup Depth: Shallow
"M" Cup Depth: Medium Shallow
"CS" Cup Depth: Slightly Shallower "C" cup
"VS" Cup Depth: Slightly Shallower "V"
"C" Cup Depth: Medium Deep
"VM" Cup Depth: Medium Deep "V"
"B" Cup Depth: Deep

Please Note:
Standard bore option on all 'S' through 'C' depths mouthpieces is a #27
Standard bore option on 'B' cups is a #26
Standard bore option on 'VS' and 'VM' cups is a #27
The standard backbore on the 'S' and 'M' cups is the #3
The standard backbore on all 'C', 'CSand 'Bcups is the #7
The standard backbore on 'VS' and 'VM' cups is the #4

Trumpet mouthpieces are available in four weights: Light, Regular, Medium, and Heavy.

All models are available as a cornet or a piccolo mouthpiece.
Each inner rim size also has a corresponding sized Flugelhorn mouthpiece.

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