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Frink/McNeil: Flexus - Trumpet Calisthenics for the Modern Improviser

Frink/McNeil: Flexus - Trumpet Calisthenics for the Modern Improviser


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This book addresses the physical demands that are faced by an improvising musician. Many of the exercises are aimed at improving flexibility, and help to prepare the body to play music through calisthenics. They are muscular demands, not musical. Your brain, heart and soul play music. The muscles of your body make the instrument function. Calisthenics address this muscular demand.

It is not uncommon to practice an exercise for several months before being able to execute it freely and easily. Players should continue gaining comfort on major seconds - and slow down - the thirds will come when they are ready. The exercises in Flexus are skill builders, not music. The benefits from exposing the body to the physical demand of the calisthenic will creep into your playing. How well you play an exercise is irrelevant. If someone is unclear how an exercise should be practiced, the answer is probably on the enclosed CD.

Laurie Frink

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