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ERGObrass for French Horn

ERGObrass for French Horn


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After two years of worldwide success with our first innovation, the ERGObone for trombone players, ERGObrass Ltd. proudly brought to the markets our second innovation, the ERGObrass for horn. ERGObrass is an auxiliary device for all horn players which gives the player a more comfortable, effective and healthy way of playing the French horn.

ERGObrass support encourages a good performing posture and better breathing. The horn floats lightly from the center of gravity on a spring. You can turn the horn smoothly in any direction while you play. ERGObrass supports rest on your chair while you play and are fully adjustable to the height of each player, and they include a belt for use while standing.


Due to the construction and custom fit of product components, Ergo products are non-returnable. French Horn not included.

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