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De Grave - Etudes for Modern Valve Horn (Complete)

De Grave - Etudes for Modern Valve Horn (Complete)


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Includes complete DeGrave Etudes, books 1 (6 Etudes for Valve Horn), and books 2 through 7 (24 Grand Concert Etudes for Valve Horn). Etudes addressing the following topics: syncopation & vocalises; taste, expression & runs; intonation, two-note slurs & articulations; taste, feeling & practical difficulties; arpeggios, intonation, & precision; spun-out notes, vocalises & staccato; lively, light, & brilliant playing; style & echoes of the horn; agility & flexibility; tonguing, staccato & style of attack;muted horn; trill, mordent, grupetto, grace notes & other embellishments.

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