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Concerto for Trumpet (with Orchestra), Dr. Daniel Thrower

Concerto for Trumpet (with Orchestra), Dr. Daniel Thrower


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Composed by Dr. Daniel Thrower. Duration: 25:00. Three movements, with movement titles: I. Fe (Faith), II. Caridad (Charity), and III. Esperanza (Hope). This concerto is difficult due to technique and endurance, yet accessible to general audiences. It served as the composer's culminating doctoral project and is destined to become a staple in the standard repertoire. This concerto follows the traditional fast-slow-fast three-movement configuration. Movements I and III fit the category of sonata form, and movement II is a seven-part rondo. Harmonically, the typical sonata fonic-dominant relationship is deserted in favor of a more turbulent modern tonal rhythm. See GMP1001 for the piano reduction.

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