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Comprehensive Trumpet Skills, Book 5: Warmup & Practice, Dr. Daniel Thrower

Comprehensive Trumpet Skills, Book 5: Warmup & Practice, Dr. Daniel Thrower


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By Dr. Daniel Thrower. Author's note: In 2016, I attended the International Trumpet Guild (ITG) conference and participated in several warmup sessions led by fantastic trumpet masters. Without exception, every early morning warmup routine was based on “Warm-ups + Studies” by James Stamp (1904-1985). There is nothing wrong with Stamp, except his warmups are overused. Although this present book was already conceived and partially written, the need for it was underscored at that conference. Subsequently, my proposal was accepted to lead a warmup session at the 2017 ITG conference. That presentation included incipient versions of this book’s contents. Of that presentation, David Hickman stated, “Your warmup session was the best I have seen.” After five more years of development, this volume of “Comprehensive Trumpet Skills” is now available.
The 2017 session adhered to longstanding philosophies and regimens, including a methodical approach to the four physical aspects of trumpet playing (i.e., air, embouchure, fingers, and tongue), and that a warmup should be short and never approach fatigue. That is the gist of this extensive book, while including great variety for interested and engagement.
It is easy to get into a rut with the same warmup routine day after day. This book includes 25 warmup outlines that cover all the bases with a vast assortment of exercises and drills. After some experience with these routines, the trumpeter will skillfully craft an infinite variety of warmups using these and other similar exercises found in pedagogical repertoire.
The practice of music is more than learning notes and rhythms. All aspects of musicmaking require diligent and deliberate effort to master, many of which may not require actual playing of the instrument for improvement. Take the example of a competitive runner. Training is not exclusively comprised of running. In fact, not all training is even physical! Respiratory conditioning, diet, leg and core strengthening, flexibility, stretching, anxiety management, relaxation tactics, rest cycles, gait analysis, etc., are all crucial parts of the competitive regimen. Trumpet playing is also a physical activity and must be approached as methodically as any sport.

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