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Cinnamon Rolls, Dr. Daniel Thrower

Cinnamon Rolls, Dr. Daniel Thrower


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Composed by Dr. Daniel Thrower. Duration: 2:15. "To enhance our Easter Sunday, my wife baked a butterfly-inducing batch of cinnamon rolls, escorting me into some ecstatic musical places. The transition into the B section modulates to the relative minor, aptly portraying a naughty kid tiptoeing into the kitchen for forbidden seconds! One can hear his fluttering heart as he glances nervously over his shoulder. Caught! The melody returns with a sticky Ives-esque climax, reminiscent of a gooey cinnamon roll mess. Ignoring cleanup with flippant ragtime syncopations, the cute piece ends with the 'hic-burp' of a very satisfied tummy." Play this just before intermission, then sell cinnamon rolls...!

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