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Blackburn Lux Bb Trumpet

Blackburn Lux Bb Trumpet


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After two years of close research and product development with Cliff Blackburn we have developed, the Lux.  The Lux was designed for optimal efficiency with the "freelance trumpeter" in mind. The 0.020" ambronze bell coupled with Cliff's 21 leadpipe design is an amazing combination of efficiency and power. The Lux offers two tuning slide configurations to match the desired resistance of the horn to the player.


"The Lux is a culmination of what I was looking for in the ideal Bb trumpet. We designed a trumpet that would allow me to perform well in a classical, or commercial setting with ease after already teaching 3-4 hours that day.  This truly was a group effort and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.  This model was named after my daughter, Lux, who was born in 2018 and is truly a light in my life." - Eric Murine

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