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Blackburn D, Eb Trumpet 3-Valve

Blackburn D, Eb Trumpet 3-Valve


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Available in two bore sizes, the Blackburn Eb/D trumpet provides an exquisite playing experience.

Built upon the legendary MD19 bell design, the Blackburn E2 medium large bore Eb/D embodies warmth, projection, and superb intonation. The perfectly balanced feel of the 11-348 leadpipe offers impeccable attacks, a vast dynamic range, and the classic feel that many have grown accustomed to throughout the years.

The Blackburn E1 medium bore Eb/D is spectacular with each carefully designed feature.  Built with the intent of advancing and improving each detail of the traditional Eb/D trumpet, this horn offers improved intonation, articulation, slotting, and overall sound projection. With its inherent soloistic qualities, the medium bore Eb/D is ideal for the Haydn Concerto, Hummel Concerto, and many other great works.

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