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Bags of Spain 3 Trumpet Case Model EV-3

Bags of Spain 3 Trumpet Case Model EV-3


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Bags of Spain 3 Trumpet / 2 Trumpets + Piccolo Case Model EV-3 in Black

This model has been conceived attending the needs of the World's professional trumpet players. They usually need to carry several different trumpets for their performances. This case allows to fit either 3 regular trumpets or 2 trumpets plus a piccolo trumpet, mutes and accessories. It can be comfortably carried as a backpack due to its two built-in ergonomic straps attached to the frame that make carrying the instrument easy and safe even on bicycle or motorcycle. It also features an external pocket for scores with capacity for a laptop or a tablet. Compatibility: Its new and versatile design allows it to be used with the most globally recognized current brands and models (Shires, Conn, Stomvi, Bach, Yamaha, etc.)

Weight: 3.75 kg External Dimensions - 22 x 34 x 64

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