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Bach Trombone Mouthpiece Large Shank

Bach Trombone Mouthpiece Large Shank


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Large Shank Tenor & Bass Trombone Mouthpieces

Catalog No. 341Model DepthApprox.RimNo.of CupCup Dia.Shape ThroatBackboreDescription 1GDeep28.00 mmMedium thin,.319”800SExtra large and deep for extraordinary power and depth ofwell rounded.tone. Among the largest and most powerful bass trombonemouthpieces produced today. 11⁄4GDeep27.50 mmMedium thin,.276”429 Cup diameter is smaller than No. 1G, but still very large well rounded.and deep, with the sonority preferred by the modern American school. 11⁄4GMDeep27.50 mmMedium thin,.319”800SSame rim and cup as No. 11⁄4G, but with a larger throat well rounded.and backbore for large, powerful sound, well in tune. 11⁄2GDeep27.00 mmMedium wide,.276” 429A large mouthpiece with powerful tone in the low registerwell rounded.and great carrying power. For many years, the standard mouthpiece for the serious bass trombone player. Model DepthApprox.RimNo.of CupCup Dia.Shape ThroatBackboreDescription 112GMDeep27.00 mmMedium wide,.319”800SLarger throat and backbore than the No. 112G results in well rounded.less resistance, larger dynamic range, deeper, warmer sound. 2GDeep26.75 mmMedium narrow..276”429Deep, full, resonant tone. Big low register even through the pedal tones. 3GDeep26.26 mmMedium wide,.276”429Same rim shape and diameter as No. 3 small shank tenor well rounded.trombone, but with a deep bass trombone cup, throat, and backbore to facilitate pedal tones. 4G Deep26.00 mmMedium wide,.276”429Same rim shape and diameter as No. 4 small shank tenor slightlytrombone. A versatile, large diameter mouthpiece especially rounded.useful when only one trombone is used for both the upperand very low register. 4GBDeep26.00 mmMedium thin,.276”429Same cup, throat and backbore as the No. 4G with a morevery well rounded.rounded rim. 5GDeep25.50 mmMedium wide,.276”429Same rim shape and diameter as No. 5 small shank tenor semi-flat.trombone. Similar playing characteristics to No. 4G with a slightly smaller cup diameter. 5GLMedium25.50 mmMedium wide,.276”429Old style, shallower model than No. 5G, facilitates upper range.deepsemi-flat. 5GBDeep25.50 mmMedium thin,.276”429Same cup, throat and backbore as the No. 5G with a more very well rounded rim.rounded. 5GSMedium25.50 mmMedium wide,.261” 420Shallower “G”-style cup with smaller throat and backbore deep semi-flat.G” (modified)than No. 5G produces easy high register, slightly brighter sound. 612AMedium25.40 mmMedium wide,.276”429Same rim and cup as No. 612A small shank tenor trombone, deepwell rounded.but with full bass trombone throat and backbore for a rich,compact sound of large volume. 612ALMedium25.40 mmMedium wide,.261” 420The same cup, throat, and backbore as No. 612AL small deepwell rounded.“G” shank tenor trombone but with bass shank. It requires a well developed embouchure. 612AMMedium25.40 mmMedium wide,.257” 413The same rim, cup, throat, and backbore as No. 612AM deep well rounded.“F” small shank tenor trombone mouthpiece, but with bass shank.

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