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Bach Stradivarius Model 12 Straight Tenor Trombone

Bach Stradivarius Model 12 Straight Tenor Trombone


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The Bach model 12 features a 7-1/2" one-piece hand-hammered bell designed for excellent resonance and projection. The .500'" bore handslide design provides a balanced and light response. The clear lacquer finish provides a subtle warmth to the overall sound. The Bach Stradivarius model 12 tenor trombone is designed for the player looking for a high-performance straight trombone with a classic small bore feel.


  • .500" bore
  • 7-1/2" one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell
  • Yellow brass outer slide
  • Clear lacquer finish
  • Bach 7C mouthpiece
  • C1867SA woodshell case.
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