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Austin Custom Brass Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece

Austin Custom Brass Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece


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Larger Sized ACB mouthpieces (.674+) :

Papa Bear: This mpc is not for the faint of heart. It is an extremely large mouthpiece (.684) which puts it around old Bach 1 diameter. The cup is a large bowl, throat #20 and a custom backbore to pair with this piece for the most efficiency while maintaining a HUGE sound.

Bee Bear: Similar to the Papa this mouthpiece has a medium large, b-shaped bowl, and slightly smaller backbore.

New York 1: This originally started out as a CMM scan of a very early New York Bach 1 mouthpiece. The cup and rim are very similar, the backbore and throat are mated with this cup to produce a very large sound shape. A great orchestral mouthpiece!

1C: This is my take on an older Bach 1C but improved throat and backbore combo. It feels significantly more efficient and sounds more energized while maintaining a rich core throughout the registers. Standard 24 and my 10/24 combo backbore are on this piece.

Smaller Symphonic sized mouthpieces (.668-674):

1.25 CB: This has a classic Mt. Vernon 1 1/4C rim that's blended in the CAD program with a great old Bach 5B cup. The result is an incredibly rich sounding mouthpiece without losing efficiency or having the turbulent points caused by a traditional "screw-rim" setup.

1.25C: This is a take on a great 1 1/4C mouthpiece with some refinements in bore, backbore, and throat. To me it feels more like a 1.5C due to the great efficiency.

1 1/2B: This is a great sounding orchestral piece. While not as wide as the PAPA (the diameter is like a modern 1 1/2) the rim is comfy and forgiving. The cup bowl is reminiscent of some rotary trumpet mouthpieces. I've always loved those pieces except the backbores and end shanks are really not made for conventional piston trumpets. My pieces are and still work really well in rotary trumpets!

1 1/2C: This is one of my best-selling mouthpieces and extremely comfortable compared to other manufacturer's "cookie cutter" rim contoured 1 1/2's

1.5 CB: Similar to the 1.25 CB with my ACB 1 1/2C rim

Classic "MV" diameter sized pieces:

MV 1 1/4C: This is my modernized take on this classic mouthpiece. I match this piece with my O backbone and a slightly enlarged throat and throat entrance. It plays incredibly well and also has a very "classic" sound!

665MC: slightly larger than the MV 3C this has a more efficient cup shape than on my MV 3C

MV 3C: Another special mouthpiece, please check out this link for more info:

Medium sized Standard series Mouthpieces (.630-656)

3: My take on a classic 1928 piece. I tweaked a bunch inside this mouthpiece and while it still retains the core sound the piece plays considerably more efficiently and consistently in all the registers.

3B: Same rim as on my 3C but with a medium deep B-shaped bowl. It's one of my most popular mouthpieces and has an incredibly warm tone

3C: A take on a fantastic Bach (from the late 60's) 3C which I have never played a 3C like it. I think the added mass and proper matching backbore for this piece make this a formidable all-around mouthpiece!

3CS: Similar to the 3C except it's slightly smaller and also has a much more efficient entrance into the throat. It helps the articulation and adds a lively "zip" to the sound. It is especially good on vintage trumpets or overly dark horns to make them "speak".

5B: My modernized take on one of the finest mouthpieces ever made, the NY 5B. I've made the piece much more efficient than the vintage counterpart and also maintained the great sound shape and spread. It's one of my most popular sizes.

5C: Long considered a transitional mouthpiece for the student I've spent a bunch on time on this piece as most of my earlier prototypes didn't make the cut. This has an incredibly rich tone with fantastic articulations and ease in all registers. It's a great, comfy mouthpiece!

Smaller diameter Standard Series Mouthpieces:

10 1/2C: While this is a fairly small diameter mpc it produces a big tone and Fine high register, resonating low register. I started with this piece thinking it would a piece I'd start students on and find it very good for all players, especially those with very thin lips and ones who want a bit more corner support.

10CV: Another new addition to the line, this piece was made for folks who want a compact efficient commercial mouthpiece who "bottom-out" on smaller pieces. This rim is very similar to an older Giardinelli 10 and the cup a medium shallow hybrid v/bowl shape. The result is a very good all-around show and commercial piece. It's also an excellent choice for jazz soloists looking for a piece for extended solo work.

1-27: Now available is my take on a fantastic vintage piece, the 1-27. It's cup and rim are loosely based off the Al cass mouthpiece. I then used a slightly more aggressive entrance into the bowl of the mouthpiece and also a tighter backbore to make the piece zip even more. The rim diameter is around a 7C but the rim itself is round and comfortable. The cup volume is less than a 7C for sure. It has a lot more efficiency and sparkle to the sound.

Lead 1.25: I've always loved the cup of the Shew 1.25 and have used this piece for many years. I have personally felt the piece's weight, straight throat, and backbore could be improved for my own use and have designed a piece to make the piece more forgiving (especially in this blank) and gained more core in the overall sound shape. It's a weapon for the commercial player!

TA Series (designed for my own personal playing needs)

TA1: Please see the link for more info:

It has a cup design which while being fairly shallow bowl shaped has an efficient entrance into the bottom of the cup to make it very efficient without brittle. The rim is semi-flat with good support and is close to a "3-ish" diameter (.664).
The TA1 is still my primary piece and I find it fantastic for everything but lead and show playing. That's where the TA2 comes in for me. It feels like a great show piece. I just did a gig on it playing 3 horn Sinatra arrangements and it was great to solo on and then sizzles above high C without getting smaller in sound shape.

Ta-Lead: This is a model I've created for my own lead use. This rim is extremely comfortable, similar to an old Giardinelli 10S but rounder and forgiving. The cup depth is shallow enough for great compression yet produces an incredibly rich tone in all registers. Standard 28 throat and my "zip" backbore round out this model. It's a great lead mouthpiece for people who tend to "Bottom out" on small cups.

Ta-Screech: A new take on a classic piece... this is a very small, high compression mouthpiece that is surprisingly easy to play. 30 throat and "zip" backbore produces one of the most efficient pieces I've ever played!

TA-Z: The TA-Z (or "Zing") might be one of the most comfortable commercial mouthpieces I've designed that can still maintain a beautiful sound from Pedal C to Double C and above. It features a .625 diameter with a medium flat rim and shallow hybrid V/S cup.

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