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AR Resonance Suprema Bb Trumpet

AR Resonance Suprema Bb Trumpet


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Our flagship

This is the first horn I designed and tested, took a LONG time to perfect: two months prior the release it's been completely changed to incorporate a one piece leadpipe with and integral threaded receiver that is now standard for all the horns we produce.

It's a solo horn suited to jazz with an incredibly vibrant sound, thanks to a Phosphor Bronze bell that's as challenging to make and bend as it's rewarding to play and hear.

This is NOT a heavy horn like many nowadays, this is a light horn that you can choose to order with normal or heavy caps and finger buttons. We don't like heavy for the sake or it, we know weight can help some players but we want the horn to be extremely fast responding and resonant. Most heavy horns nowadays simply play dead to our ears and we want to avoid this. If you really want the horn to be darker and fuller you can opt for a heavier threaded mouthpiece or a different backbore, it will be a pleasure to help you with that!

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