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AR Resonance Small Shank Trombone Backbore

AR Resonance Small Shank Trombone Backbore


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We don't like extremes with out cups and rims, we prefer offering "middle of the road" sizes adjusting the feel with a proper backbore and changing the curve going from the cup to the throat. Most of the mouthpieces we have analyzed employ a V shaped transition to the cup that offers no tone enhancements while making articulation and attacks a lot sloppier. We don't like that, we want your life to be easier so we designed an edgier transition to the throat. This makes articulation a lot easier and notes pop more.

Try them and you will understand why few weeks after we announced our trombone line principal players from major orchestras, L.A. studio legends, world renown jazz soloist switched to Resonance immediately!

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