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AR Resonance Trumpet Mouthpiece Tops

AR Resonance Trumpet Mouthpiece Tops


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When AR Resonance started in 2014, they wanted to build a mouthpiece that sounded like the best they ever heard while still being extremely easy to play. The founding concept of all Resonance mouthpieces is to offer the player a back pressure level and the harmonic spread that their body and skills demand.



Here's a rough comparison with Bach rim diameters

VL = Bach 1

L = Bach 1-1/4

ML = Bach 1-1/2

M = Bach 3

MS = Bach 5-7

S = Bach 10-1/2

VS = Bach 15

XS = Bach 17-18



A = Very deep, for rotary trumpets

B = Deep, for experienced classical players

C = Medium, good for all styles

D = Medium-Shallow, for more support on the high notes with still a big sound

E = Shallow, not a lead cup but almost

LEAD = Shallower but not crazy shallow, for lead work

LEAD PLUS = for hard core lead players

All Resonance tops share the same comfy rim contour to help you switch depth without changing the feel on lips.

Tops are available in brass (standard), bronze (heavier weight, more core to sound), or buffalo horn (lighter weight, non-metallic top). We stock AR components in silver plate; gold plate available on request. The standard throat that we carry is the AR 40 throat (4.00mm, similar to a #21). The 42 throat (4.20mm, #19) is available on request.

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