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Airpower! (Brass Quintet & Percussion), Dr. Daniel Thrower

Airpower! (Brass Quintet & Percussion), Dr. Daniel Thrower


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Composed by Dr. Daniel Thrower. Duration: 4:30. An extremely artistic and moderately chellenging composition, fit to feature on any concert, both for the general public and academic circles, "Airpower!" is cleverly titled to honor Master Sergeant Alex Serwatowski, an Air Force tuba player, upon his retirement. One remarkable feature of this composition is that it does not end in the same key in which it starts. In fact, it ends in D major, a tritone away from its opening key of A-flat major - as distantly related as two keys can be, symbolizing the transformational change that a person undergoes throught a 23-year career. And yet, without knowing any of this, the piece is very listenable!

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