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Adams Tenor Trombone TB1

Adams Tenor Trombone TB1


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TB1 Tenor Trombone

The Adams TB1 is the newest piece of craftsmanship developed and fully handcrafted by the Adams Brass professionals. The instrument features an open short wrap with open flow rotary valve and a nickel silver single bore slide. The 1-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell is made with the same precision as all other Adams Brass instruments, combining true artisanal skills with modern improved techniques. 
The open feel, deepness, and richness in sound, in combination with a smooth and quick handslide action, make the TB1 ideal for both symphonic and solo performance.


  • Key: Bb/ F
  • Bell: 1-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell – 8.5" (217.5 mm)
  • Wrap: Open short wrap F attachment with open flow rotary valve
  • Slide: Nickel silver single bore
  • Bore: 13.9 mm
  • Main Tuning Slide: Reverse
  • Finish: Lacquered
  • Gauge: 0.60
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