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Message of Hope (Brass Quintet & Percussion), Dr. Daniel Thrower

Message of Hope (Brass Quintet & Percussion), Dr. Daniel Thrower


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Composed by Dr. Daniel Thrower. Duration: 3:00. This wonderful brass quintet anthem was composed during the early shutdown months of the Covid-19 pandemic. Highly praised by Eric Ewazen, "Message of Hope" musically documents an important part of history. It was composed specifically to be recorded remotely by members of the USAF Heartland of America Band, Offutt Brass for a pieced together video as a message of hope to the world. The call-and-response melody bounces between all the brass members, symbolizing the need for interaction. It is possible, but not advisable, to perform without percussion. The piece itself is innately full of hope, and profoundly reaches any audience!

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