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Snedecor - Lyrical Etudes for Trumpet, Volume II

Snedecor - Lyrical Etudes for Trumpet, Volume II


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Lyrical Etudes for Trumpet Vol. II was composed, as the title suggests, to aid the serious student and professional with that portion of his or her practice session devoted to lyrical playing. This book is inspired by former Chicago Symphony Tubist Arnold Jacobs, whose philosophy dictates that the fundamental style for any brass player should be lyrical. Devoting a certain portion of one's practice to lyricism promotes relaxed playing when the transition is made into more technical and extreme upper register material. Designed as a progressive volume that fits comfortably between the Concone "Lyrical Studies": and Theo Charlier's "Etudes Transcendantes," these etudes should be both educational and enjoyable to play. Phil Snedecor.

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