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Fugue for Brass Quintet, Dr. Daniel Thrower

Fugue for Brass Quintet, Dr. Daniel Thrower


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Composed by Dr. Daniel Thrower. Duration: 5:00. "Fugue for Brass Quintet" was composed in the fall of 2021 as a Christmas gift for Laurence Wagner, the number one fan of Gilded Music Press and Dr. Thrower's compositions. It was completed on 23 December 2021 for a timely delivery. Straying from Dr. Thrower's customary prgrammatic titles and aural depictions, this five-minute fugue is absolute music. The subject (trumpet 1, measures 1-8) and countersubject (trumpet 1, measures 9-16) are present in some form - including inversions, augmentations, fragmentations, juxtapositions, and sequences - throughout the entire work. It would benefit the performers to analyze the material to some degree of detail to better bring out the important motifs. The modulations wander into a wide variety of keys, though there are no notated key changes due to the rapid harmonic rhythm. The first trumpet part extends to high D, in concert pitch toward the end of the fugue. It is recommended that the player of this part switch to a smaller instrument and transpose the ending. The horn part also reaches a professional level high range, to a written B-flat.

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