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Commentary on Daddyhood (7 Trumpets), Dr. Daniel Thrower

Commentary on Daddyhood (7 Trumpets), Dr. Daniel Thrower


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Composed by Dr. Daniel Thrower. Duration: 8:00. For solo trumpet and six-trumpet accompaniment, this rare configuration symbolically spotlights a strong player under an ensemble of equally strong players. Created when the compser was a young father of three little boys and another on the way, this work is not entirely tonal, and explores a wide variety of tone colors and emotions. There is great beauty as well as frustration, climaxes and lulls, constructing a strange continuity that illustrates well the complex life of a daddy. Motivically and thematically this piece is exciting to hear and very fun to play! This work was used for years at the Juilliard School for reading practice in the trumpet studio.

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