Monster Oil Synthetic Slide Oil


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Trumpet Slide Oil – for 1st and 3rd Valve Slides – (not suitable for trombone slides)

We just heard you play. You sounded out of tune, and like you were working too hard. We recommend that during your next practice session, you get in touch with your first and third valve slides–those things that your instrument designer put into place to help you stay in the center of the horn, instead of lipping everything everywhere all the time like we just heard you do. And what better way to do it than with perfection incarnate—Monster Slide Oil. A few drops lasts you between cleanings, and it’s smooth enough to fool you into believing that your slides aren’t really made of metal…more like made of butter. Yeah, that’s about right–two sticks of butter just rubbing against each other. It feels amazing, but not as amazing as playing in tune. You have some work to do. This will help!

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