Monette Bass Trombone Mouthpiece




Why Play a Monette Mouthpiece? Our Constant Pitch Center mouthpieces are designed to play with consistent sound quality and intonation in every register and at any dynamic level. Conventional mouthpieces tend to compress the octaves, making the high C flat and low C sharp, forcing the player to compensate with tension and manipulation of the body. Over time, people learn to play tight and high on the pitch, which compromises breathing, sound quality, endurance and just about every aspect of performance. This is why Dave Monette needed to re-invent trumpet mouthpieces. A Monette mouthpiece allows the player to let go of these compensations and align their body so they can take a full and effortless breath every time.

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BT1, BT1L, BT 1S V4, BT2, BT2L


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