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Marcinkiewicz Standard Series Trombone Mouthpiece in Silver



Small shank

Please note that an increase or decrease in rim width does not necessarily correspond to a respective increase or decrease in cup depth. Mouthpiece models are listed on this page in order of cup depth, from deepest to shallowest. Width measurements in the item descriptions refer to inner rim diameter.


Marcinkiewicz offers players the best quality available at each and every stage of their growth; first as a student, and later as a professional musician. Marcinkiewicz offers the best selection of precision brasswind mouthpieces.

In pursuit of the goal of the best quality and designs, Marcinkiewicz Co. Inc. has also acquired 4 US Patents, including one for the Concert Hall™ mouthpiece line.

Because the facial structure of young students change as they mature, Marcinkiewicz mouthpieces are carefully graduated, allowing students to progress more quickly (and enthusiastically!) as they find the correct “fit” for their changing anatomy. Now players have the means to progress in logical, gradual increments to find the correct mouthpiece for their unique needs.

In order to offer the highest quality product available for both students and professionals alike, Marcinkiewicz has integrated the most sophisticated computer technology with “old-world” craftsmanship. There is no difference in quality between their student and professional mouthpieces. A state of the art computerized cutting lathes assure that the quality of design as well as the precise reproduction of every Marcinkiewicz mouthpiece is exact. This is truly a first. Marcinkiewicz measures their mouthpieces precisely to thousandths of an inch, not using approximations or fractions, but precise figures.

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