GR 3 Series Trumpet Mouthpiece




Extensive versatility in design has GRs being used by serious students and educators to the world’s finest Symphony Orchestra trumpeters and the top studio musicians in Los Angeles.

With hundreds of standard models and thousands of custom designs, GR has a mouthpiece to match you, your horn, and your musical needs.

The GR No-Discontinuity design allows for a perfect blend of rim to cup, throat, and backbore for optimum performance. Crisp articulations, a rich vibrant centered sound, outstanding intonation, easier upper register, and a fatter lower register are some of the benefits of this design.

GR cups are not measured by depth. Rather, GR calculates cup volumes and believe this to be a more accurate way to define mouthpiece function and measurement.

The numerical designation of each GR mouthpiece series numbered 62-67 is equal to its rim diameter in hundreds of an inch: the 63 series, for example, have a rim width of .63″.

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