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Frate 5+ Classic Series Trumpet Mouthpiece in Silver



17.12  mm

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Frate Precision was established in 2006 and is dedicated to the manufacturing of high quality mouthpieces for brass instruments
thanks to both the knowledge and experience of Dario Frate, graduate in trumpet and expert in metalworking.

Frate Precision is located in Traona, Lombardy and offers a wide range of professional mouthpieces
for Trumpet, Horn, Flugelhorn, Cornet and Piccolo Trumpet.


Our mouthpieces guarantee fluidity, richness of sound, easy sound emission and offer great quality for a great price.
Performance and reliability Made in Italy.


Frate Precision meets any technical, performing or timbre requirements thanks to the wide range of Rims, Cups,
Throats and Backbores available.

Four models for trumpet and, for those musicians who prefer wider cups, a Wide Set (+)
in 6 different measures with a cup diameter larger than 17 mm.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in
Choose Throat

No. 1 – 3.58 mm, No. 2 – 3.66 mm, No. 3 – 3.74 mm, No. 4 – 3.82 mm, No. 5 – 3.90 mm, No. 6 – 3.98 mm, No. 7 – 4.06 mm

Choose Backbore

No. 103 Extra Large, Very Open, No. 100 Large, Open, No. 105 Medium Large, Warm Symphonic Sound, No. 102 Medium Large, Warm Sound and Less Open than 105, No. 106 Medium Large, Full Natural Sound, No. 101 Medium (standard) Bright Sound, No. 104 Narrow, Bright Edgy Sound

Choose Rim Contour

Rounded, Standard, S, Semi-Rounded, L, Large Rounded, M, Medium Rounded, F, Flat, I, Intermedium-wide, X, Extra Wide, N, Narrow Well Rounded