BAC Handcraft Series Paseo ‘Z72’ Model Trumpet


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The ‘Z72’ is one of our newest additions to the B.A.C. Custom’s ‘Handcraft’ Series. Like any of the Handcraft Series, this instrument embodies superb tone quality and flawless action. The ‘Z72’ was designed to suit the needs of a stronger musicians that demands a more full and sonorous sound. The large bell taper lends nicely for an effortless upper register feel, while maintaining superb control in all registers. The tooling used for this instrument came from a very respected American workshop in Anaheim, CA, and was one of the more popular Commercial Models produced among studio and session players.

Paseo Z72 Trumpet – Medium Large Bore

– .460” Bore

– 5” Yellow Brass Hand Hammered One Piece Bell

– CH Leadpipe

– .345” Venturi

– Dual Radius Main Tuning Slide

– Combo Satin Finish

– Protec Pro-Pac Contoured Case


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