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Holton Collegiate Euphonium

The Holton Collegiate euphonium is the same horn as a Weril H980: it is made for Holton by Weril. It is very close in design to a Yamaha 321, but the Holton has a large shank mouthpiece receiver that allows for the use of a greater selection of large mouthpiece sizes than is possible with the small shank on the Yamaha. Even though the bore size is the same on both instruments, the Holton sounds and plays much more like a compensating euphonium. It has excellent pitch, tone, and response throughout the range. The 11 inch bell gives it a focus that projects well with a full, clear tone. It is a very flexible horn and a delight to play! Although often listed as a student horn, it is a professional quality instrument. If you like the Yamaha 321, you’ll love the Holton Collegiate euphonium.
B490RS Holton Collegiate in silver plate $3,512.00
B490R Holton Collegiate in lacquer $3,003.00


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