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Holton Farkas Horn Mouthpieces

Farkas mouthpieces offer the extra range, power and tonal color that have made them the most popular French horn mouthpieces in the world. Whether for intricately played symphonic work or beginner development, there's a Farkas model to meet the challenge.
holtonfarkassc.jpg Holton Farkas Shallow Cup
Extremely clear high register with clean attacks. Ringing tone but not shrill. Excellent for high baroque music or extremely high technical passages.
holtonfarkasmc.jpg Holton Farkas Medium Cup
No extreme features. Round, ringing tone with a touch of velvet in all registers. Well suited for all-around symphony or solo playing. A very popular model.
holtonfarkasmdc.jpg Holton Farkas Medium Deep Cup
Sensitive yet comfortable. Good response across entire range. For players who desire a slightly darker tone than that of the SC or MC models. Slightly narrower rim than SC or MC models.
holtonfarkasdc.jpg Holton Farkas Deep Cup
Produces very clean attacks and a large resonant, velvety tone. Popular with both high and low horn players because it plays well in all registers.
holtonfarkasxdc.jpg Holton Farkas Extra Deep Cup
Superior mouthpiece for the player who wishes to play in the grand manner of the "Helden" horn players. Also produces a soft and mellow tone for the player who might have a naturally bright or shrill tone.
holtonfarkasvdc.jpg Holton Farkas Very Deep Cup
For the robust, mature player. Large, Teutonic tone. Very helpful for the player who has a too-bright tone since it mellows the tone significantly. Extremely deep cup and very large bore.