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trumpetscalendar2016.jpg Trumpets That Work 2016 Calendar
This 2016 "Trumpets That Work" calendar features stories of trumpet players, trumpet makers, and the development of the trumpet over several generations. It is an excellent gift to give to all of your favorite trumpet players, and of course for anyone who loves looking at trumpets and learning about their history. The trumpets pictured are significant because in most instances they are part of the professional accomplishments of great trumpeters going back a hundred years and more.
cichsmallNEW Back to Basics for Trumpeters: The Teaching of Vincent Cichowicz - Luis Loubriel

This book is built around interviews that Luis E. Loubriel conducted with Vincent Cichowicz and his most successful disciples over thirteen years, woven together with Loubriel’s own analysis, and organized according to the central themes of Cichowicz’s methodology.

Although Cichowicz developed no rigid, one-size-fits-all system - indeed, his special talent was for custom tailoring his teaching to the needs of each student - certain fundamentals tenets informed all of his teaching. This book memorializes those tenets through the words of the master himself and some of his exemplary proteges. As such, it represents a significant contribution to contemporary understandings of trumpet pedagogy, and brass pedagogy in general.

Brassfundamentals.jpg Brass Fundamentals, The Lessons of Vincent Cichowicz - Loubriel
Brass Fundamentals is the expanded version of Back to Basics for Trumpeters. As an expanded version, this book presents an in-depth exploration of the lessons of Vincent Cichowicz. Within its pages, the reader will find thirteen appendices that include the edited interviews the author conducted with Cichowicz, selected Cichowicz’s master classes—edited by the author—and two sample applied trumpet lessons. In addition, the author included edited interviews with Frank Kaderabek—Cichowicz’s long time colleague and friend—the late William Fielder—well known Professor at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey—and John Cvejanovich—long time first call trumpeter in Chicago and a former Cichowicz student. Altogether, this book will prove to be an invaluable source for brass aficionados, teachers, students, and brass performers.
BrassSingers Brass Singers - The Teaching of Arnold Jacobs
Specifically written for brass players, Brass Singers delivers the main tenets found in Arnold Jacobs’s teaching. While Jacobs customized his teaching to fit his students’ special developmental needs, this book aims at presenting his teaching concepts so they can be understood by brass aficionados, advanced students, and professionals. Luis E. Loubriel has taken special care in transcribing, editing, and structuring the information from recorded lessons and master classes--given from 1967 to 1998--to create an easy-to-follow narrative. As such, this book stands out as a valuable contribution to the brass performance and pedagogical literature.
Lasting-Change-2T.jpg Lasting Change For Trumpeters, The Pedagogical Approach Of Arnold Jacobs
Specifically written for trumpeters, this books delivers the main tenets found in Arnold Jacobs's teaching paying special attention to the concepts of lasting change; or the ability to achieve performance consistency by bringing to a functional balance the four fundamentals of brass playing. While Jacobs customized each tenet to fit his students' specific developmental needs, this book aims at presenting those tenets so they can be understood by brass aficionados, advanced students, and professionals. Yet, as an “academic version” of Brass Singers, Lasting Change offers an in-depth analysis of Jacobs’s pedagogical approach. Luis E. Loubriel has taken special care in transcribing, editing, and structuring this information from recorded lessons and master classes given by Jacobs from 1967 to 1998. As such, this book stands out as a valuable contribution to the brass performance and pedagogy literature.
cookbook2 The Brass Player's Cookbook: Creative Recipes for a Successful Performance
A stimulating collection of unique concepts on becoming a successful performer by 57 of today's most outstanding brass professionals. Contains to-the-point, thought provoking ideas proven successful by master teacher and performers. Problem solving tips, philosophical concepts, and technique building exercises, all in one easy to read collection. An ideal source of exciting strategies for all levels of development.
Trumpet-Greats-2-books-apple-a.jpg Trumpet Greats: A Biographical Dictionary
$149.00 $59.95 On Sale !
A new and exciting book with 2,212 biographies of important trumpeters since the year 1542. The book is 1,128 pages in length and contains 2,513 photos (118 in full color) and represents soloists, orchestra players, jazz musicians, instrument designers and manufacturers, teachers, historians, authors, band and chamber players, studio and freelance artists, etc. 64 countries represented. A MUST HAVE for all trumpet players, teachers, and enthusiasts! Hard cover
hme141small1 Clarke, H. L. -- A Cornet- Playing Pilgrim's Progress -- The Complete Autobiography of Herbert L. Clarke
Herbert Clarke's original autobiography. An inspiring story of a self-taught cornet player who became America's greatest cornet soloist. 30 rare and unpublished photos included! A must for every cornet and trumpet enthusiast. 114 pages spiral bound.
Farkas, Philip -- The Art of Brass Playing
The Art of Brass playing is a treatise on the formation and use of the brass player’s embouchure. It includes sections on the embouchure’s function, mouthpiece placement, moist versus dry lips, the lip aperture, articulation, mouthpiece pressure and breath control. A must for all brass players, this includes photos of the embouchure of Adolph Herseth, Philip Farkas, Edward Kleinhammer, and Arnold Jacobs, among others. This book has become a standard in brass technique classes and at conservatories everywhere.
artofmusicianshipNEW Farkas, Philip -- The Art of Musicianship
The Art of Musicianship explores the skills, knowledge and sensitivity needed by the mature musician to perform in an artistic and professional manner. It has been used since 1976 in brass classes and music appreciation courses across the country. Topics of discussions include; Musicianship, phrasing, dynamics, tempo, rhythm, articulation, intonation, ensemble playing and stage fright, to name a few.
artoftrumpet.jpg Johnson, Keith - The Art of Trumpet Playing
The Art of Trumpet Playing emphasizes the importance of the psychological aspects of performance and the manner in which mental attitudes direct or influence muscular response rather than dealing with the more physiological approach.
calvinpricebreathingbook Price, Calvin -- Breathing, Your way to Greater Artistry

This great new book by Calvin Price, Principal Trumpet of the San Diego Symphony and popular L.A. studio artist, presents concepts of breathing that will aid any wind player.

Endorsed by many top professionals such as: Raymond Mase, American Brass Quintet and Chair of Brass, Julliard; Chris Gekker, Professor of Trumpet - University of Maryland; James Thompson, Professor of Trumpet - Eastman School of Music; William Bing, Author "The Bing Book," Director of Bands/Artist in Residence - California Institute of Technology, Professor of Trumpet - California State University Northridge


"This is the breathing book every pro and student has got to have. Don't mess around; get it and start practicing now!" - Carl "Doc" Severinsen

00331893 This Business of Music 10th Edition
This Business of Music - 10th Edition - The Definitive Guide to the Business and Legal Issues of the Music Industry Authors John M. Gross, M. William Krasilovsky and Sidney Shemel.

The bible of the music industry with over 500,000 copies sold! Now in its tenth edition, This Business of Music has been revised and completely updated to reflect the latest changes in the ever-evolving music business. An entirely new chapter has been added, asking and answering the question “Are there borders in cyberspace?” The answer is yes, and this book clearly and concisely explains what they are and how to maintain them. Commentary on recent legislation, a reader-friendly summary of the laws on copyright duration, and much more insightful analysis – plus fully updated lists of music organizations and important websites – make This Business of Music indispensable for musicians, agents, managers, marketers, music publishers and groups, colleges and universities, and everyone who wants to make music and make money.
tuneup Tuneup: Basic Training Intonation System
With a timbre engineered to expose pitch discrepancy immediately, the Basic Training audio CD provides the player with three crucial exercises per Key. The player first sings, then plays against the CD, listening for the “beats of pitch discrepancy. As the player moves his or her pitch to correct the beats, perfect placement is found and held, establishing a “groove” where the perfect, pure interval is easily recognized in context.

The first exercise, the Tonic Track Exercise, is a drone using a complex timbre quick to expose the “beats” of pitch discrepancy. By following the provided studies, the player learns the location of each Major and minor interval per key, places the interval in both scales and arpeggios, and uses the exercise for excerpt, solo and etude development. However, Basic Training does not stop there!

The second exercise extends the intervals learned in the Tonic Track Exercises to full, perfectly tuned chords . The Interval Study provides the player with eight separate patterns that focus on the Root, Dominant and Third of the chord and on movement within the chord. Here the player learns to apply the intervals within the context of the chord.

Finally, the difficult skill of playing minor intervals is honed in the Minor Interval Study. Two patterns are provided to ease the player into mastering major and minor intervals.

The Basic Training Text lays an ample foundation for musical acoustics as it applies to intonation and also provides step by step guidance on developing the ear and using the audio CD. Included in the text is a Note Tendency Chart to track your instruments' tendencies and alternate tuning methods to compensate for them.

The Basic Training Workbook is available for instruments in C, Bb, Eb, F and Bass Clef.
Tuneup: Basic Training for Bass Clef instruments in C $54.00
Tuneup: Basic Training for Horn in F $54.00
Tuneup: Basic Training for Trumpet in Bb $54.00
Webster, Gerald -- Improving Intonation

Gerald Webster's Improving Intonation is "the finest book of its kind available today." Topics include:

  • A Brief History of Intonation
  • Pitch Perception and the problem of objective/measurable pitch vs. subjective/perceived pitch
  • Air Temperature and Medium
  • Just or Pure Intonation
  • Resultant Tones
  • Learning to Play in the Center of the Pitch
  • Body Use (Alexander Technique)
  • the problems and benefits of Using an Electronic Tuner
  • Performing with Keyboard Instruments

and many more. "A wonderful, concise text! Why hasn't all this been made clear previously?"


carminecaruso Carmine Caruso
A must-have for all bras students and teachers relating to the total physical output that goes into playing any brass instrument. Caruso covers the same techniques athletes use to develop their physical control, and applies them to musicians.
LoubrielSingingBrasssmall.jpg Loubriel, Luis - Singing Brass, The Study of Ton Through Artistry
Singing Brass provides developing, amateur, and advanced players with practicing materials that—when played with clear artistic intentions and expressive nuances—facilitate playing with a beautiful tone. The author selected singing-like melodies to encourage players to showcase their most refined musicianship. This book represents a much needed addition to the trumpet literature by offering a series of challenging melodies that range from simple traditional melodies to complex opera arias. Each melody—when played correctly—will increase the player’s phrasing skills—as well as increasing his technical abilities in tone production and dynamic control. This book is divided into two sections. In the first section, the author wrote 70 drills and vocalises intended to develop and maintain basic brass playing techniques. The second section includes 71 melodies arranged in a progressive order of difficulty—both technically and artistically. As an added bonus, the author included an appendix on Musicianshinp and Interpretation from his book Lasting Change for Trumpeters.
lessismore.jpg Less is More - Frank van der Poel
These three simple words explain my vision on playing the trumpet. This particular methodology is suitable for advanced trumpet players, teachers and conservatory students. This exercise book explains how to play the trumpet instead of fighting it. In this method I have tried to combine two worlds: the world of physiotherapy and the practical one of playing the trumpet. In the first two chapters I focus primarily on the technical and theoretical side of this objective. The reasons for developing this methodology are outlined in chapter 3. This exercise book is heavily based on my own experiences and decades of practical experience. Every now and then I’ll complement this with stories and anecdotes from my professional career. Exercises start from chapter 4 onwards preceded by do’s and don’ts and useful tips. Let’s go back to the title of this book for a minute. How do you go about making playing the trumpet easier and what do you mean by “Less is More”? Firstly by using less air and doing proportionally less with the embouchure, playing the trumpet becomes less difficult and more effective. I would like to emphasize that this manual isn’t a course for long distance learning and that practical tuition by a professional should have your preference. This is a method for advanced trumpet players but teachers and students alike can also benefit from this book. The basic techniques that are discussed in this book can also be important for beginners to study.