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chopsaver.jpg.jpg Chop Saver --- Natural Lip Balm for Musicians with Lips
Made for people who depend on their lips on a daily basis. 100% natural, ingredients include shea and mango butter, aloe, vitamin E and herbs including arnica, calendula, comfrey and white willow. No petroleum, no harsh chemicals. The fragrance is a refreshing blend of four citrus oils. Used and endorsed by James Galway, Philip Smith, Arturo Sandoval, Mike Vax, Wayne Bergeron, and many, many others.
TorpedoBalmsmall.jpg Torpedo Balm
Chapped Chops? Use chemical-free TorpedoBalm for healthy chops. Made with North Dakota Beeswax and many organic ingredients, this product is gluten free and guaranteed chemical free. Custom made in the USA for Torpedo Bags, this is the MOST PURE Chop Stick you'll find anywhere on earth! Ingredients Expeller Pressed Safflower Oil Beeswax Organic Jojoba Oil Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E Oil) Organic Grapefruit Seed Extract Vegetable Glycerin
kliplitesmall.jpg LED Cordless Klip-Lite
The Cordless Klip-Lite - Completely portable and light-weight, this state-of-the-art, battery operated Cordless KLIP-LITE allows up to 20 times longer battery life. Replacement of the batteries is simple and quick. Long lasting LEDís will provide light in just the right place on your stand or anywhere it is needed. If your looking for convenience Ė youíre looking for the Cordless KLIP-LITE!
hearoshighfidelityearplugs.jpg Hearos High Fidelity Ear Plugs---Designed for Musicians
Comes with 2 washable earplugs and a free case. They are designed to allow the wearer to hear all highs and lows for optimum performance. The cap and stem that extend out of the HiFi HEAROS form a folded horn and resonance structure that vibrates at the same 2.8kHz resonance as the human ear. When combined with the concha resonance of the ear canal at the end of the HiFi filter, the physics of the HiFi HEAROS result in an eardrum pressure frequency-balanced like that of a normal, open ear but with sound pressure reduced by 12 decibels.
trumpetscalendar2016.jpg Trumpets That Work 2016 Calendar
This 2016 "Trumpets That Work" calendar features stories of trumpet players, trumpet makers, and the development of the trumpet over several generations. It is an excellent gift to give to all of your favorite trumpet players, and of course for anyone who loves looking at trumpets and learning about their history. The trumpets pictured are significant because in most instances they are part of the professional accomplishments of great trumpeters going back a hundred years and more.